Every gas turbine requires regular inspection troubleshooting & problem solving , repair or replacement of defective parts to ensure an ongoing effective operation over time , and our services include but not limited to:

  • Annual Site audits and borescope inspections.
  • Power turbine inspections and repair on site or in our shop.
  • Gas turbine inspection and repair.

Controls & Instrumentation

Most of all unscheduled outages are caused by issues related to the control system, the instrumentation or the electrical wiring of an aeroderivative gas turbine. The majority of these problems can be solved remotely. Our services include but not limited to:

  • Control system upgrades Netcon to Micronet+
  • Site Audits and training

Solutions and Innovations

KDN has developed many maintenance solutions to improve the reliability, availability and maintainability of FT8 gas turbines and to reduce their day-to-day operation and maintenance costs in a sustainable way.

  • Water injection retrofit.
  • Collector box repair and modifications.

Field Service

KDN offers field service specialists globally and strategically positioned to respond to customer requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our highly trained field service technicians are skilled, experienced and equipped to minimize downtime and disruption to plant operations. In addition to traditional major maintenance coverage

Full Site Services:

  • Onsite Combustion and fuel nozzle exchange.
  • Core parts exchange and repair.
  • New and Used Capital and Consumable parts.

Spare parts

Spare parts supply

Most unscheduled stops and engine downtime can be related to malfunctioning of external parts of a gas turbine. To minimize loss of production fast access to OEM replacement parts is key. KDN is a independent stock keeping maintenance provider for most critical parts.

Parts repair & tests

KDN provides inspections & tests of suspect components and repair or replacement of malfunctioning parts.