FT8 Gas Turbine

The FT8 gas turbine consists of a gas generator and a free-running power turbine. The gas generator is adapted from the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-219. The JT8D is used in the Boeing 727 and 737 aircraft as well as in the McDonnell Douglas MD80. Because of its two-spool configuration and low bypass ratio, this aeroderivative engine is well suited for industrialization, where the engine fan stage is replaced by adjustable inlet guide vanes and two additional compressor stages.

KDN is an independent gas turbine service provider

KDN established in the year 2019. Our full service portfolio includes gas turbine spare parts, field services (mechanical & controls), commissioning & alignment, maintenance & repair, instrumentation & controls, condition monitoring and consulting & training.

  • FT8 Maintenance services
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Training & education
  • Consultancy & specialized services

Hot section exchange

The FT8 gas turbine is extremely reliable and long lasting. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that at a certain point the hot section is no longer adequate and needs to be overhauled or replaced. Shutting down the operation and shipping the engine to a OEM licensed overhaul depot is very costly and time consuming. KDN provide an alternative with our on-site hot section inspection and exchange services. Read more about cost-effective solutions at our Hot section exchange on-site page.

Emission reduction retrofits

Owners and operators of older gas turbines in Europe will soon need to apply some form of emission reduction retrofit to comply with the new NOx emission legislation of the European Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). KDN does offer an Offline water injection system that reduce NOX under the OEM standard values.