Global gas turbine support


KDN GTS provides a complete portfolio of specialized maintenance solutions and services for aeroderivative gas turbines. It is our mission to optimize the reliability, availability and maintainability of your FT8 gas turbine operations. We deliver up-time! Our expertise covers the FT4 and FT8 aeroderivative gas turbines and also the LM 2500, Woodward control systems and all associated auxiliary systems.


Our core objective is finding solutions for cost effective and reliable operation of your equipment. Our expertise covers Pratt@Whitney FT8-1 , FT8-2 @ FT8-3 and GE LM2500 @ LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines, KDN-GTS strength is offering innovations and improvements of the existing equipment what will lead to a significant cost reduction compared with OEM existing parts and solutions.

Spare parts

KDN offer gas turbine operators an alternative source for parts that were previously only available through the OEM. Our continued effort to improve reliability, availability and price reduction and lead time. As we are a very flexible company we will find you the best solution. Even if we need to hand carry the part to you and hand it over personally!